Monday, October 1, 2018

If you ever travel to Lisboa, Portugal, you will notice fairly quickly the vast levels of street life and art surrounding downtown.  The artist come alive near Alfama and Belèm art district.  Even though they are just a short distance apart, what I recognize is that there remains a story to be told beyond Portugal's past.  The old town leads by cobble stone and depreciating steps that take you northward towards St. Jorge's Castle.  This area borders the musical chirps of Fado's tenor during sunset dinners within earshot of the acoustic accompaniment of the street artist.  Every so often you can hear Samba, or Bossa Nova from a traveling Brasileiro or a visiting Angolan who will gladly dance to a diverse style of kilapanda, zouk, semba, kizomba or kuduro, courtesy of Portugal's reach in to ancient Africa.  The mixture is breath taking and for the photographer in me, I found it uplifting and exactly what I was searching for.  Lisboa reminds me of Madrid, Rome, Prague, Budpest and Bucharest all at once.  I seen their faces, moves, tempo and desire all before; the beat moves with unabashed guilt.  The vibe and vibrations of late night curiosity does not disappoint but yearns for more if not in the next city square; maybe Porto or Madeira Island.  When you seek out your common spirit, you find it in kind and there is where you know you shall ever remain. 

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